Volume: 1 - Issue: 1


Developmental State: A Theoretical and Methodological Critique / Pages: 1-12

Ömer Mollaer

Quality Adjusted Human Capital Index 1976-2013 / Pages: 13-49

Devran Şanlı

Immigration to the OECD Countries from Turkey in 1960-2010 Period: A Gravity Model Approach / Pages: 51-69

Gönül Muratoğlu, Yusuf Muratoğlu

Financial Liberalization and Crisis: An Analysis for Turkey / Pages: 71-86

Tülin Tunç Deveci, Eylül Ece Demir

Austerity Policies: A Way to Escape from the Crisis? / Pages: 87-122

Hikmet G. Beken

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